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Offer Pricing

  • Project Proforma

    Multi-family, Retail, Industrial, Office & Hospitality
    • Construction Budget, Construction Loan, Draw Schedule
    • Rent Roll, Operating Expenses, CapEx
    • Permanent Debt, Mezzanine, Refinance
    • Property Cash Flow and Equity Waterfall
    • Disposition Valuation, Selling Costs, Loan Payoff
  • Capital Stack Parity

    Includes Comprehensive Proforma
    • WACC with varying LTC/LTV scenarios
    • Equity returns required for similar property / risk scenario
    • Cost of Equity Capital or Required IRR
    • Maximize Cash on Cash through varying DSCR scenarios
  • Investment Deck

    Pitch your Project with Confidence
    • Branded Content, Organized to tell YOUR Story
    • Relevant Financial, Market, Growth, and Competitive Metrics
    • Engaging Visuals and Team Showcase
    • Clear Call to Action
    • Zoom or Google Chat assisted practice sessions
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